All buffets will include choice of colored linen for your buffet table only. Paper products (all white) will include plastic plates, forks, knives, salad bowls and napkins. Butter and all necessary condiments. Complete coffee setup includes regular or decaf coffee, coffee cups, stirrers, milk, sugar/Sweet ‘N Low, Splenda. (Extra coffee or set-ups available for an additional 59¢ per person. Extra tea set-ups available for additional 25¢ per person.)

Please Note: On all hot and cold buffets we give enough paper products for 1.5 plate settings per guest. Any extra will be charged 60¢ per setting. Dessert plates, forks and napkins will not be supplied unless we are supplying dessert. Soda is available for $1.00 a can. You may substitute your coffee set-up for soda for a minimum charge.

Buffet Presentation–$300.00

Add an extra flair and elegance to your affair with a buffet presentation. A special table design will include: Tables for the buffet, skirting for all your food buffets (white, ivory), linens for all food buffets, formal buffet serving ware, floral (silk) centerpiece, fern, balloons/or candelabras and a printed sash (if wanted, inquire about house patterns). There will also be a traveling fee for any parties 45 minutes or more away. (The above package is all inclusive. Any special theme or multiple buffets will be charged accordingly.)

Sandwich Platter

On rye, white, wheat, Kaiser roll or croissant

  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Roast Beef
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Corned Beef
  • Chicken Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Egg Salad
  • Chicken Caesar (wraps only)
  • For cheese choose from Swiss, American, Provolone


Choose Two:


  • Coleslaw
  • Garden Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Caesar Salad Tomato Onion with Fresh Mozzarella
  • Fruit Salad


One Per Person

  • Mix of Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Iced Tea
  • Water


Fudge Brownies or Assorted Italian or Butter Cookies.

Paper Products Included.